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CAPTAIN SLOG Stardate 16-23 June 2000

Voyage Lymington-Le Havre-Honfleur-Carentan-St Vaast-Lymington

Gibsea 444 "Celtic Spirit". Total distance 300 miles
Note: Log either not working at all (Le Havre-Honfleur, Carentan-St Vaast-half way across channel) or under-reading by 25% (Lymington-Le Havre, Honfleur -C1 buoy off Carentan). Charted distance was 308nm, including tacking along Solent, but not allowing for tides. Only significant tidal effects were Carentan to St Vaast and Bembridge Ledge to Lymington, which together would give about 9nm advantage, so distance through water (='logged' distance) will be within a couple of nm of 300.




N          W

Narrative (all courses º magnetic)

Friday 16 June

Forecast (Marinecall) Winds SE or E 4 with little change for 2 or 3 days. Fair, warm. Sea slight to moderate.



Depart Lymington Yacht Haven. Motoring. Wind SE 2. baro 1033mb.



Bridge buoy. Course 180º, sailing at 4k, wind ESE 3.

1820 11.4 50º32'.5  01º35'.6 145º, 5k
2040 23.5 50º20'.6  01º15'.7 140º, 4.5k, fog banks vis<.5 m wind E 4
2235 32.3 50º12'.7  00º56'.8 150º, 3k, fog cleared just before deciding to return if vis didn't improve. Course wanted 140º.
Saturday 17 June
0155 39.3 50º04'.5  00º48'.0 150º, 4k, motoring from 0210.
0355 46.3 49º57'.9  00º49'.3 150º, 4k, motoring.
0600 55.3 49º51'.9  00º42'.6 150º, 4.5k, motoring.
0930 70.5 49º37'.2  00º23'.2 160º, motor-sailing, wind SE 3.
1020 49º32'.3  00º17'.2 105º, motoring.
1340 87.7 Arrived Le Havre. Log obviously wrong ~115m done.
Sunday 18 June
0905 0 Depart Le Havre (at 3rd attempt, after stranding Tony leaving berth, then sailing when Jock still ashore) for Honfleur. Wind ESE 3, baro 1030.
0945 Joined Rouen Channel at buoy 6. Motoring 110º. 
1045 2.6 3.3m from Honfleur entrance.
1240 5.4(!) Berthed at 24hr stay wall Honfleur. 15m from Le Havre.
Monday 19 June
1415 0 Dep Honfleur avant port. (Had enough of dog dirt on wall ladder ....and elsewhere ....)  Baro dropped to 1024mb.
1445 Dep Honfleur lock backwards. (Locals bemused.)
1630 49º26'.5  00º0'.0 Sailing stbd tack 270º, 6k, wind NW 4. Plan is to appr Carentan from buoy C1 (55nm from Honfleur at 1000 Tues (HW -2h). 
1855 Sailing 275º, 6k.
2000 Drifting, no wind.
2150 22.6 49º25'.3  00º30'.2 Motoring slowly, ~100º, 1.8k, wind SE 1
2400 28.4 49º26'.4  00º35'.4 Motoring 280º, 2.7k.
Tuesday 20 June
0200 49º26'.8  00º42'.5 Wind SSE 2
0520 39.7 Motoring 2k, approaching Est du Cardonnet buoy where need to hold position for 3h. Baro 1022. Log stopped. 1m SE of E du C buoy, 250º, 2k.
0740 39.7 49º25'.6 01º05'.9 Approaching C1 buoy. Then went along channel to third pair of buoys at 0945, then back to first pair when depth gauge dropped to zero.
1005 Started approach again when calcd depth OK.
1145 39.7 Moored Carentan marina.
Wednesday 21 June
1020 0 Depart Carentan. Cleared lock at 1050, wind SW 4 (21k), baro 1021.
1145 0 Entered buoyed channel, m/sailing 6.5k.
1205 0 Sailing 330º, 6.5k, 2 reefs in main. Open sea.
1255 0 340º, 6.5k, wind SW 24k, W Saint Marcouf buoy.
1325 0 340º, 6.5k, wind SW 27k, 2m S of Tatihou.
1350 0 Berthed at St Vaast, engine overheated, no raw cooling water flow. Called Seastart who arranged for local mechanic to come.

Thursday 22 June

Forecast (BBC at 1201) for Wight, SW 5-6 occ 7, W 5 later. Squally showers, vis good. Mechanic arrived am, replaced pump impeller.

1350 Departed St Vaast, baro 1024mb
1610 0 Sailing 6.5k, 030º, main only, 3 reefs, wind SW 6-7.
1630 0 008º, 7.4k, course for Bembridge Ledge from Pte de Saire. to get W-going tide along Solent from 0300 to 0900 Friday.
1730 0 49º45'.1  01º13'.9 008º, 9k, 4m N of Barfleur, wind 30k.
2015 0 50º04'.7  01º21'.8 010º, 6k.
2315 7.5(!) 50º20'.8  01º14'.5 010º, 5k, wind SW 6.

Friday 23 June

0125 50º31'.7  01º05'.2 010º, 6.5k.
0300 25.2 Bembridge Ledge, 335º, 4.5k.
0345 No Mans Land Fort, 320º, 4.5k.
0545 Cowes, then tacked down Solent. Wind WSW 4.
0815 49.6 Arrived Lymington Yacht Haven.
NB: Stan had the best idea and came home by ferry! (Shouts of 'Why didn't I think of that?' 'No why didn't I think of that?' etc.)
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