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Once upon a time, yacht Reveillier had an extensive re-fit at Baltic Wharf, Totnes, and was due to be launched prior to sailing back to Poole. It was 07:30hr on Wednesday 9 May 2001 which, I hear you say, was high water (fairly necessary for a launch at Totnes!). So got out the old camera, and took the picture of my career (to date - watch this space!).

'Technique or luck?', asked sceptical daughter.

'How dare you!', said a not at all sceptical, just very cynical, father, '100% technique of course! ....



oh and 150% luck too'.


So here's the picture. 



tgsboatwebsm.jpg (48003 bytes)


Wonderful sail back! Had to buy diesel from petrol station in Dartmouth at 1500 per litre - all fuel barges closed. Arrived off Anvil point at dead of night in thick fog. Followed a ferry into Poole Harbour and ended up in Cherbourg - it was going the other way! No, that last sentence isn't true - but it nearly was. Dawdled around in safe water for umpteen hours till dawn, when were able to feel our way into Studland Bay, anchor and crash out for a few hours.

If it'd been boring, it would all have been forgotten and you wouldn't be reading this .... assuming you still are.

Bet yer wish it'd been boring, don't yer.


Oh go on, email me with requests for autographs and things (have credit card handy)!   

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