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A quiet sail (with motor assistance) to Falmouth, accompanied by curious dolphins part of the way, unable to believe that any self respecting Charter Company would let us loose again after the whale incident.

After a disturbed night in Falmouth, we overheard Yacht Baggins pestering Falmouth Coastguard for detailed weather information and precise sea state conditions, including the mean and upper 95% confidence limit wave height in cm above chart datum, and the current /Euro exchange rate should there be an enforced diversion to Cherbourg. So we decided to ignore all that and consequently had a very lumpy return trip to Fowey. 

Managed to give a 'search and destroy' HM Naval taskforce the slip on the way back into Plymouth. Had a truly excellent evening at the Boringdon Arms at Turnchapel. Can thoroughly recommend the Butcombe beer and the Legendary Homemade Steak and Stilton pie. And the unexpected bonus of the Thursday night blue grass band. Amazingly, this band earned the unanimous and enthusiastic approval of all of our crew, who are seldom unanimous and hardly ever enthusiastic.

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