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THE BORI PAGE - you must visit the pub  

For excerpts from  BLACKFOOT BROTHERS songs see links on sidebar Headstrong and The Other Side  

catcrop51.jpg (30529 bytes)51

the cat sat on the lap

cat52.jpg (28501 bytes)52

the cat sat on the lap II

bori53.jpg (33633 bytes)53

is it me, or can you still hear yacht baggins?


the band (Blackfoot Brothers)

the band, fielding reserve bass player

boriband54.jpg (47648 bytes)54b

band close up (for Stan) - don't ask


other band close up for Stan (he'll know why!)

afterbori56.jpg (37214 bytes)56

gosh, that was a brilliant night out, and quite a nice cat too

hernia57.jpg (26293 bytes)57

the morning after, and clearly pleased that, despite worst fears, no urgent operation necessary ....

herniaad57.jpg (27107 bytes)57a

... but details to hand should previous assessment prove erroneous

bfast58.jpg (47315 bytes)58

prudent proposal to abandon plans for kedgeree breakfast has at least 4 supporters

Final Notes:
Photographer bitterly regrets absence of photos of novel topping lift retrieval and repair, and offers profuse apologies.
Disaster narrowly averted when SR's car wouldn't start on return to base. Brilliant idea saved the day - use of jump leads and Queen Anne's Battery!


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