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plymsound56.jpg (39544 bytes)56

The calm before the storm

orcajump.jpg (26873 bytes)57

It was at this point that the Skipper suspected something was amiss ...

netdark3.jpg (22745 bytes)3

In the dark, the outline of Moby Dick could just be discerned in the net.

netslip13.jpg (34027 bytes)13

The net was still round the propellor, but where was the whale?

netsling16.jpg (38249 bytes)16

Still no whale ...

netmen15.jpg (34313 bytes)15

Where be yon bugger?

beachedwhale.jpg (14302 bytes)0

Meanwhile, further down the slipway ..

iwgbacon22.jpg (27651 bytes)22

Phew, that was a close one, get the bacon on!

bacon23.jpg (23645 bytes)23

(This bacon is similar to the bacon in question)

fowey25.jpg (29054 bytes)25

Right, what next? I know, let's go to Fowey!


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