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Just as you think that's all the website updating over with for another year, along comes October and a quiet potter in and around Plymouth Sound. Or that was the intention ....


But just as the complacency was kicking in, there was a lethargy-busting jolt under the boat. The engine stopped ... the storm clouds gathered ... the swell increased ...

And time stood still. Everyone looked at each other, fearing the worst. It was uncannily silent, except for the gentle sound of shackles plopping into the water.

Then, without warning, and in Chris's own words,  ..... the boat was dragged backwards by the whale caught in the 100ft net, the 40ft seas were breaking into the cockpit .......

At that very moment, SeaStart settled down to beer and sandwiches and took the phone off the hook .........




BUT, I hear you saying, a picture's worth a thousand words. I know, I know, so click on the Oct A, B and C photo pages above. Go on! Do it!

(NB: Boat was a Bavaria 31 - excellent and roomy for a boat of this size. Good at coping with whales - auto-engine stop and sit it out quietly - but never quite managed to assess it's sailing ability.)




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