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Order, order. Mine's a pint.  
Minutes of meeting 7/1/2001

After casual and half-hearted discussion of Xmas, New Year, the price of turkeys, Neighbourhood Watch, and response time of boys in blue, it was RESOLVED:

To boldly go the FIRST week of the 2 options previously discussed.

Anyone who fancies squashing a couple of dozen into a 37ft boat has motives that are, shall we say, suspect. That's all I'm saying.

So let's try for the 44 footer, eh? For around 7 or so. Maybe.

Want lots of wind behind us, so all stoke up on pea fritters in Lymington first.

It would be absolutely crazy of anyone NOT to race across the channel on the first night, without delay. It'd be crazy I tell yer, absolutely crazy.

A limerick has a special and particular rhyming scheme and fixed number of lines. So don't go loosely talking of a little old lady of Alderney, except in these terms:

A little old lady of Alderney,

Stocked Viagra but just never sold any.

So she'd wait for the whaler,

Then chat up a sailor,

But promised that she'd never rolled any!


(Only those present will understand any of the above, but then again, perhaps not.)

To inspect the Captain's Log of the 2000 trip (recommended),


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