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june 2005 A

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Well here we are again. Not at all the same as last time. Well the sea's the same, the boat's the same, the crew's the same, the crew's expressions are the same (but a bit older), the food's the same and the deck quoits are the same. 

Isn't it good to get away from the same old routine?

(Oh, nearly forgot. The G&Ts are a different colour this time. Found the bottle had been in the bilge for about 23 years but decided to drink it anyway.)

sm05062324.jpg (21406 bytes)St Malo's the same.
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The street cafes are quite different and surprisingly airy. You can see us paying the bill at the one second from the far end. Saw there was a camera trained on us so decided not to leg it this time.

smbnlsail050006.jpg (20524 bytes)

St Malo's the same.

smst malo gp3.jpg (17371 bytes)

This is us just before not legging it. Ted's been trying the house wine. We should have suspected something when the carafe illuminated the kitchen on it's way to the table. Looking on the bright side (npi), we saved the domestic battery for three nights running.

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Gordon managed to do a deal with the light house keeper who now uses the cheaper house wine instead of lamp oil. Ted seems to have made a full recovery - for now .....

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Le Trek resting at Treguier after an uneventful sail. As before, the locals got wind of its arrival and quickly scarpered.

smbnlsail050018.jpg (23059 bytes)

Some of the boats left behind by locals who reckoned it was more important to save their own skins than risk going back for their vessel.


And as the sun slowly set, a motley crew finished their G&Ts, which by now were an even darker colour, and dreamt of oysters and seagulls to come.


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