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September already?  Don't tell me - someone had some spiffing fun with a boat, right? Suppose I'd better have a look at sept exploits then ...
JUNE 2003 SAIL                                                 AUGUST 2003 BEER FESTIVAL BELOW

Rather than make it all up, thought it was worth asking a few investigative questions of the crew,  just to add a sense of sobriety, veracity and immediacy you understand.

Well yes. You're right. Fat waste of time that was.

So here's what really happened:


Two boats, never more than 1.5 nautical miles apart, sailing south-ish from Plymouth. Both short-handed but well provisioned. So no opportunity to sing the Cannibal Song! (What's that? Gnawing me, gnawing you, Aha !)

Horrendous thunderstorms experienced by only one of the boats. The other was becalmed and decided to spend all week putting up the sun awning, and fishing for mackerel.

A multitude of leaks, both structural and biological. Some of these were even enough to cause diesel to moisten, sleeves to be rolled up and heads to disappear in innards ....

Even an isolated admission of the first encounter with adrenalin since the initial midwife slap and umbilical severance.

For proof of all this, click on image buttons above.

(Glad I wasn't there really.)


PS: Thanks to SR for providing the photos and the excellent accompanying notes and innuendos. Apologies for:

getting the photos out of sequence - the email went up in the air and the attachments came down scattered all over the screen,

being pretty economical with the truth,

not being truthful enough,

not explaining that Le Trek has (had?) two toilets (punny really), which has got to have contributed to the surfeit of water and other liquids sloshing around.



Sailing on dry land? Worth a try. The trick is to reproduce as many aspects of the real thing as possible, while avoiding the nasty bouncing up and down and rolling around in a confined space.

Aspects of the real thing able to be reproduced:


More beer


Queasiness, often involving throwing-up

Wearing the T-shirt

Convivial company

Getting outside considerably large quantities of excellent food

So click on the Beer Festival link and witness the explicit images! 


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