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I know, I'll put the dreaded 'PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION' label here. .........  Oh gosh no, that's against all the rules of web site design, can't do that. Besides, use of the word construction implies having planning permission and no-one wants a history file next to their other pages. "I have no objection to history files per se ( ...  my name's NOT Percy) but would you like one living next to your web pages? No, thought not."

So you'll just have to wait to see if the situation resolves itself. OK?

Meanwhile, swill these snippets round yer tonsils:

Slight accident, nothing serious you understand, to antique glass lampshade in toilet at a certain Restaurant in Treguier. Well nothing so serious that 23 tubes of araldite, or a dustpan and brush couldn't remedy.

Unfortunate close encounter with huge pile of dog mess on the key at Honfleur followed by unintentional transfer of same down quay steps (which also double as hand holds), onto boat, into every cabin, whoops - put shoes on chart table against all rules. Luckily, only place free of canine substance was heads. Phew that was a close one. Interesting clean up exercise culminating in symbolic and repeated dipping of infected sandals into ocean. Only took five-days-worth to remove 90% of it.

Memorable display of sheer skill and boat control in restricted waters when decided to entertain the locals by exiting the lock backwards at Honfleur. Locals entertained:

Lock keeper

Skippers of other boats leaving and entering lock

Local fishing fleet, their wives, children and mistresses

Mayor of Honfleur, council, and chain of office

Tourist Information Agency who later asked for a repeat performance on same date each year.

Locals NOT entertained:

Harbour Master and his second in command who had to count each of the several thousand small french coins we were able to dig from the fluff in our pockets to pay the fine.

Unintentional (honest) leaving of a crew member on the pontoon at Le Havre. Said member, and arms and legs, still recovering from jumping up and down and waving frantically for at least an hour (french time) on end of pontoon. Pontoon still recovering from this too. Remainder of crew still recovering from major side splits induced by episode.

And there's more where these came from, so watch this space!



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