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Anyone interested in why this site exists?

No, thought not.


Let there be a record of sailing exploits!

And Lo, there was and this is it.

There's lots of interesting photos, ships' logs, notes of meetings and really interesting anecdotes. Well, not that interesting I suppose, except for those involved. Good resource for knowing what to avoid though.

'So how did all this come about, and why?' I hear you ask. Can't remember come to think of it. Probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Some background might help if you're interested. Otherwise dive in and click on links like there was no tomorrow.


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Whale I never. Plymouth Sound too?


Must go straight to the

 Best Pub in the Universe

and steady the old nerves 


(band's pretty good too!)



A long time ago, in a distant galaxy, they created BNL (a Nuclear Laboratory deep in the countryside). It was June.

'Fancy going sailing?' asked someone, whose mind was clearly not on his job.

'Might', said someone else in a fit of enthusiasm.

'OK', said the first, 'but we'll all have to learn to sail. And navigate probably.'

And so it came to pass that a variety of misguided and impatient individuals, each with their own stomach-emptying threshold, decided to learn on the job and quickly ventured onto the ocean wave.

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'Think I'll go home on the ferry', said Stan.

'Anyone fancy Aegean Tea?', said Chris.

'Wake me up when you've decided what we're doing next', said Ian.

'We'll never make the Alderney Race', said Jock.

'Uurgh, uur ..urgh, gurgle gurgle, oh god, (appropriate background colour chaps)!', Tony used to say with feeling.

Then, inexplicably, he got the Yachtmaster Bug* and sailed happily ever after.


NOTE: If you find any of this distasteful or impossible to understand, or are simply of a nervous disposition, perhaps this site isn't for you. In which case you're better off with this one. Otherwise push the boat out and dive in!   

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* a nasty virus which causes delusions of robust stomach.


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