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OK, where shall we go this year? Where? Somalia? Don't you think that's pushing it a bit when we've only got five days? "Not if we treble up on our trebled stocks of liquor" says Chris......

So they sailed away for what seemed like a year and a day. "I wonder if fermented Bong tree sap tastes as good as it sounds" thought Chris, out loud.

1. The secret of getting to Somalia is absolutely brilliant navigation ....... So we'll have to find some other way.

2. They say there's a deep channel that cuts days off the journey. Shall we try it? Or shall we just pose with a camera in front of this mirror?

3. There's someone who'll show us the way. But if they shout from the 'conning tower' don't believe them.

4. Finally they reached the coast of Somalia, slightly ahead of the three master that had tailed them since the Cape of Good Hope. Jock got out his telescope .....

5.  .... it was a square one. Hey chaps and, by the way shiver me timbers. Do you see what I see?

6.  Yes and they're boarding that other long boat over there. Let's borrow your telescope ...

7.  You're right. It is a square telescope .... Let's get outta here pronto. Hang on, that's not nautical is it. 

8. Jock go and get that almanac from down below and find the flag for "Let's get outta here pronto".

9. Well I'm not going to panic. No way. If this isn't a moment for a swift tincture, I don't know what is!

10. Glad we brought Chris along. He sure knows how to handle a critical situation, make no mistake.

11. We'll drink to that.

12. After lots of sleeping it off, they all woke to find themselves in a cosy sheltered little spot not very far from home! 

13. You mean it was just a bad dream after all? There never were any pirates? We never went near Somalia? "There aren't treble treble rations of liquid after all?" exclaimed Chris in a panic.

Yes it was all a bad dream. Being at sea can play wicked tricks on the unwary .... But hang on. What's that strolling down the pontoon? Pass me the square telescope ....




14. I told you we shouldn't have used the telescope in the 13th frame. You know it always brings bad luck.

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