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If I take a string of pearls back for the missus, I reckon she'll let me come again, don't you? 

smoysters.jpg (17566 bytes)If 

I'll help you just this once, but you've gotta let me have the edible bits.


(Note from SHIP'S TREASURER on a mission:

In Treguier, oysters were 9.05 euros for 2 dozen, I tell yer, TWO DOZEN. That's about 6.60 GBP. So the real thing cost about 28 pence each. WHEREAS the UK restaurant price for cheap imitations is 1.50 GBP PER OYSTER !!!! Webmaster, any more exclamation marks?

Well we're nearly out but I can spare you a few more:

! ! ! ! ! ! 


Punkgull.jpg (13902 bytes)


Did someone mention edible bits? Oysters? Frank Skinner says it's like eating snot off a tortoise!

smbnlsail050016_r1.jpg (23060 bytes)


Nearly ready. Don't like the look of that punk seagull though.......

smbnlsail050022.jpg (14861 bytes)


I don't care how deprived you are - you can just give that oyster back. And, yes, I was staring at your safety pin. Wanna make something of it? Now just bugger off ..... 

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That's not like you Tony. Thought you were an animal lover. Oh sorry, complete misunderstanding. So the 'animal' is an adjective? Right, got yer ...

smbnlsail050019_r1.jpg (18707 bytes)

Yet another hearty meal fit for a seagull. But didn't we catch and cook TEN mackerel ...........?  

This space is deliberately left empty so you can mentally compose yourself for the three remaining images.
smghughres.1.jpg (13957 bytes)

Well we've managed to buy some G&T not past its sell-by date. We've all had a taste to be sure. As you can't be too careful, we've all had several tastes of most of the dozen or so bottles purchased. And now it's time to check which of these two ways of wearing Tony's hat suits me best. Is it the more usual front to back way? Or could it be ...... 

smghughes.2.jpg (15460 bytes)

.... the slightly more jaunty side to side way? Look, this is important. Could you all concentrate and stop falling about? I don't know. You try to be civil and they're more interested in the remnants of the G&T than in advising someone with not much fashion sense .....

sm05070176.jpg (21699 bytes)


Meanwhile, the only one who was paying attention now regrets it, having experienced the effects of such laughter on jaw integrity.


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