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out of plymouth 2004

It's 21 Aug 2004. No whine from either the prop or Alan, engine fine. I know, let's go to Portishead for the winter!smpp0001.jpg (9100 bytes)

Ted thinks -  'no whine from the prop, engine seems fine, Alan strangely quiet - an ideal opportunity to have a look at Portishead!  No fuel problem envisaged as we have a spare 5 gallons.'ed

smDSCF0006B.jpg (9172 bytes)

Look at the disposition of those sails. Boat's on a run, I'll be bound. That reminds me, anybody seen Gordon? (Noises off: heads flushing)

smpp0002B.jpg (13076 bytes)

Alan pretending to care about compass bearings. Gordon wondering if he turned the heads light off.


smpp0004B.jpg (8562 bytes)

Tony casually mentioning that he's thought of 53 things that can go wrong, but don't let that worry anybody.

Left after meal at the New Inn  about 19:00hr. Then wind began to drop and around 3am started motor sailing. All well until 5:30am south of Falmouth the engine stopped. Dirty fuel. Luckily had 5 galls of clean. After miracle allowed rigging of new supply, pressed on. South of Lizard wind dropped. Decided to use some of precious fuel to round Lands End but after 10 mins. engine stopped AGAIN. To cut a long story short, limped back into Plymouth at 3:20am totally shattered.

smDSCF0036.jpg (14866 bytes)

Vessels crowding round trying to get all our autographs!

smDSCF0024.jpg (13987 bytes)

If expecting trouble, at least make sure you have a hearty breakfast.

smDSCF0025.jpg (10507 bytes)

Is that hearty enough?

smpp0045.jpg (12448 bytes)

Did somebody mention breakfast?

smDSCF0013B.jpg (11087 bytes)

Haven't we seen that before?  Scary.

smDSCF0016.jpg (10077 bytes)

Don't look now but there are TWO of them.

smpp0043.jpg (10689 bytes)

Well if they're going to pretend childishly that they don't know a catamaran when they see one, I'm going to try and fix the windex again.

smpp0027.jpg (6077 bytes)

Top of mast.

smDSCF0034.jpg (7447 bytes)

This looks like windex country.

 smpp0031.jpg (9013 bytes)

This sure is the place for windex's, if they fit.

smpp0028.jpg (5630 bytes)

Left me glasses below but peering closely tells me it aint gonna fit. Think I'll go and play spot the catamaran with the rest of 'em.

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