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trebuerden 2004

Ahh Trebuerden! 

Forecast was for very high winds on Tuesday pm and all day Wednesday. Prudence says better safe than sorry. But as Prudence wasn't here on this occasion, we sailed to Trebuerden Friday night/Saturday morning. Stayed Sunday to make it all worthwhile, then motored back (yes all the way) on Monday, getting into Plymouth at 3am. Spent Tuesday recovering.

As predicted, wind was very strong on Wednesday (too true says Stan clutching stomach). Weather was blowing hard too.

So got the video camera out. Staggered down pontoon on the way to the National aquarium.

What better way to end a strange sort of week? Quick sail round the bay on Thursday, that's what.

smBNLsail04-1.jpg (10344 bytes)

Is this 2004? Could be anywhere between 1962 and 2003. Gets boring dunnit

smBNLsail04-3.jpg (15727 bytes)

Stan getting the most out of the jelly mould before use in the galley.

smBNLsail04-2.jpg (12781 bytes)

Tony and Ted with ice cubes in mouth (?)


smBow line would be less boring.jpg (17324 bytes)

Ted deciding that a bow line might be better than just hanging on

smFenders.jpg (17025 bytes)

Deciding that using REAL fenders would save wear and tear on Stan 

smGetting Stan's breakfast.jpg (8996 bytes)

Too many cooks? Nah, says Stan. Need a good breakfast after fendering all night


smThe virgin.jpg (11167 bytes)

A boat.  Somewhere.


treb0016.jpg (9343 bytes)

Doesn't that profile look just like De Gaulle?

treb0021.jpg (9911 bytes)

Stan learning for the first time that he's a Dad!

treb0015.jpg (11838 bytes)

Stan finding that, oh no, he's a Dad several times over

treb0017.jpg (7360 bytes)

Wouldn't it be funny if we made it look as though Jock has a diving board growing out of his head? Tee hee.

treb0018.jpg (7158 bytes)

Bugger - they'll guess the truth now. BTW, where's the swimming pool?

treb0019.jpg (5933 bytes)

Still no swimming pool

treb0024.jpg (12391 bytes)

Swimming pool boasting boats


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