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Amazing videos now available of 2004 tour highlights. 
Marvel at the superior quality of our videos. Accept no substitutes. Ours aren't the usual pirate versions which are flooding the market from the Far East (plus a few from Poland and Turkey). Ours are the genuine article, hot off the press, complete with holographic seal and Certificate of Authenticity. Roll up, roll up. A steal at the price. Would I lie to you madam? I'm not gonna give you just one of these. Tell yer what I'll do. I'll give yer the gale video, I'll give yer the fish video. I'll throw in a modem version of each. And that's not all. The first 20 buyers'll get a genuine, authenticated Get-out-of-jail-free card, a list of the very best excuses for everything known to mankind (2005 edition), no change from a 57 quid note, and last but not least .... hang about, is that the rozzers comin'? I'm off ................

What yer doin' reading all this rubbish? Get a life. Click on the buttons above, won't yer?

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