trebuerden 2004
relaunch 2004
out of plymouth 2004
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relaunch 2004

smre-launch0002.jpg (13092 bytes)

It's12th August. Grouse shooting beckons. Instead I'm stuck with this getting the boat back in the water lark.

smre-launch0004.jpg (14953 bytes)

Let's go over it again shall we. We nudge it into reverse, then a quick forward thrust full speed to starboard and squeeze between the red one and the green one?

smre-launch0005.jpg (10781 bytes)

This's me in me boatyard clobber ...


smgordon1.jpg (8705 bytes).

. 'n' this's me in me casual gear.

smre-launch0013.jpg (13028 bytes)

I'm sure that whirly thing should be under here somewhere.

smre-launch0006.jpg (11374 bytes)

D'ya think that's it?

smre-launch0012.jpg (8818 bytes)

Mmm, probably. Water should be deeper than that though, shouldn't it?

smre-launch0019.jpg (14727 bytes)

Well, glad that's sorted then. Funny we went backwards in forward gear though.

 smre-launch0020.jpg (13648 bytes)

Yeah. Been thinking about that. D'ya think it could be connected with us going forwards in reverse?

And d'ya think anything else can go wrong? .....

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